New Zealand

From Q1, Memoirs of Christchurch N.Z.

What a wonderful time was had by all!

There were around 46 Shirleys plus several wonderful Non Shirleys all of whom were seen to be having a ball the whole time. We started out in Christchurch at the Officers Club -- Q116 and I had "our driver" Graham drop us off so we would arrive as beautiful as we left the unit. Well it was windy as I recall!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We arrived to a blast of "Hi Shirleys" as several parties were all gathering at the same time. The CHCH Shirleys had everything set up including the delightful non Shirley husbands behind the bar. The noise was continually rising as we all greeted each other and caught up. All the avid Shirley conference goers were delighted to catch up. After 3 ( is it really only 3? I keep counting them in my head and thinking 1 must have missed one!) such gatherings it seems as if we have always known each other.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The entertainment just kept coming with acts from several Shirleys and a wonderful rendering of the Good Ship Lollypop by the Probus (I hope I got that right!) Group who had donated the amazing food. They looked wonderful in their serving wench outfits.

The next day it was off to the Shirley Working Men's Club for a day of Shirleying.

You guessed it more chatter, food, jokes and friendship. We were educated and entertained by Jilly from the NZ Antarctica Centre. The entertainment factor was an Oscar winning performance from Shirley T.O. who was the model..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now Shirley had thought she was going to be dressed up as a penguin but NO -- she had to deck all the layers and layer and yet more layers of gear needed to survive outdoors in the deep South. Of course the question of just what do you do when you have to go came up! This information brought the house down especially when Shirley had to mime using the "thingy".
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Later we were all amazed at the "Button lady". She makes these wall hangings out of buttons. The West Australian trio came up with another rip roaring funny side splitting act. Somewhere along the way we were also reduced to stiches as the Otago Shirleys entertained. These 2 groups must be in the dramatic societies I reckon!

All too soon it was time to call the private taxi

and go off home to get ready for the evening entertainment. Graham had a couple of major tests to watch so while he was happy to be taxi driver that was that! The highlight, apart from the fun, food and friendship, of the night was the crazy pass the parcel. If you were a winner you had to wear the prize all night .. check out the pictures. Shirley N1 and I had gone out of the room to catch up where we could hear ourselves and we missed it!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For some Shirleys the fun continued with a trip on Sunday and another on Monday. Many of us caught up to say farewell at the Casino on the Monday night. And then it was over and 24 hours later we were home. But not before Shirley B., the coordinator of Otago Districts, asked if we would be interested in doing it again in 2 years in Otago. YES! !!!!!!!!!!!! Was the cheer! So be warned there may be another one to save for!

I loved it. Such fun and friendship.

The NZ Shirleys were absolutely wonderful on every front. They had done an amazing amount of work preparing for this event. We were all greeted with little gift bags full of chocolates, gifts cards and other interesting stuff. Then there was yet more on the tables on Saturday. 3 of the 4 major raffles were won by Queenslanders!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Poor Shirlee was let down on the Friday by 2 reporters who were expected but neither showed and also by her photographer who pulled out a couple of days before. Thankfully a family member stepped in to take the "official" photos.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
As we were walking away from the group photo someone asked if we could have "region" ones. That poor lady deserved a medal for getting 46 Shirleys to do as she asked -- it took a while but we got there! I have asked the other 14 Queenslanders who were there to write something to share with you. So maybe we have more to share as the weeks go by. That's all folks Until next time stay happy, healthy and may your life be full of friendship, fun and food. Cheers Shirley Q1

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