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Sadly, S1 was unwell and couldn't join the Shirley Club at Eden on the Park, Melbourne during 17th to 19th of October 2003 for Convention #2.

We renewed Friendships from Alice Springs and enjoyed the Fun and Food, and made new Friends among the many Shirleys present.
Fabulous skits, an appearance by Deryn Hinch and loads of FUN!!

Please enjoy.

  GC2's Gold Coast Memories from Melbourne, 2003  

The Convention, well I don't know about all our other members who attended the Melbourne Convention, on the 17th, 18th and 19th October 2003 but I had a ball.

Some of our members went earlier and attended the markets and casino what a place I went to the casino twice and got lost 3 times. spent $2 and played the pokies for nearly an hour -- a real adventure. We had a welcome BBQ (inside) for all on the Friday night, the start of our fun. Having attended the Alice Springs Convention in 2001 it was great to catch up with the Shirley's we met then. Saturday we were welcomed to breakfast by our host Shirleys from Victoria. Our Saturday consisted of fun, fun, food and friendships renewed, our photos were taken early after breakfast, and look great. The skits as they are referred to were wonderful, my favourite was the Seven Dwarfs (you will have to look at the photos to appreciate this).

Our Wally (GC12) was a beautiful nun and this act (from the ACT Shirleys) was my second favourite choice, but they were all wonderful, as we laughed, cried and clapped until we were sore. Our girls were so bashfulin their act, you would think they were bare. We were the cutie polka-dotted girls.

Saturday night was a gala night and we were all decked out in our finery. there were raffles and a repeat of some of the acts. Our beautiful "Sunshine Shirls" raffle was won by one of the Shirley husbands, and he seemed quite happy to take her home. There were many great gifts donated by each group and multiple draws for all. Sunday we slept in (as most went to the Casino again - on the Saturday night into Sunday morning!)

Our farewell lunch was great, we mixed in twos and sat at other tables, and this was most enjoyable. The final farewells were with mixed feelings as many wished we could catch up before 2 years, but we can wait, I'm sure. So it's off to Sydney for 2005!

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  Photo Memories from Melbourne, 2003  

The skits were marvellous - congratulations, girls!

We had Snow White and the 7 Dwarves (WA) -- these ingenious girls brought the house down, the Nuns from Sister Act (ACT - and very funny) and the Queensland girls were stylish in their Grandfather Clock number (complete with pendulums). The Tasmanian girls did the Bubbles number, and I can't remember SA and NSW -- I'll have to get a memory jog on those ones.

The "Itsy-weeny-Gold-Coast-bikini" number was annihilating -- because Your Correspondent (Webmaster/GC88) had only minutes before JOINED the Gold Coast club, only to find herself leading the singing. But it was loads of fun.

The venue (Eden on the Park) had some fine stained glass windows, and a lovely restful park on Queens Road -- just the place to find the Shirleys. And there were bus trips to enjoy -- hope you like these photos.

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  Other Shirley Memories from Melbourne, 2003  

Fun, food,and Friendship

Written by Shirley Q70, this jingle was a real winner at
Convention #2 (Melbourne 2003).

Sing it to the tune of "Hokey Pokey".

Have a little giggle here -
And a little giggle there
Have good belly laugh
And really belt it out
We have fun, Fun, fun
And laugh a lot
That's what it's all about

0, Shirley Shirley
O, Shirley Shirley
O, Shirley Shirley
That's what it's all about

We go to eat here
We go to eat there
We enjoy our food
And travel everywhere
We do the restaurant crawl
And enjoy ourselves
That's what it's all about


We make a friend here
We make a friend there
We have a good time
Where ever we go
We love each other
And are best of friends
That's what it's all about


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