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FRIDAY afternoon: Arrived in a blaze of glory in time to be filmed, interviewed, greeted and dazzled. My duties with camcorder found me recording the GC Shirleys as they busily filled the green goody bags.

By the way, I'm putting together a very WHACKY version of the first 2 days of the convention. It'll be on DVD and will be FREE, because I should be paying YOU for the horror of watching it. I discovered to my cost that I kept forgetting to turn the damn thing OFF whilst hugging Shirleys, and ended up either filming the floor or someone's boobs. Anyway, I'll edit all the rubbish out and get that organized onto DVD -- but don't hold your breath.

The best thing of all at the start of the Convention is to be re-united with one's Shirley friends from other states or areas. I don't think there's any such thing as a lonely Shirley.

SATURDAY: We all looked superb in our beautiful purple shirts and white slacks/skirts.

The photo session was very well organized and the photos looked marvellous. Please scan in the ones I've missed and email them to me.

We heard from all the co-ordinators prior to luncheon, which we enjoyed al fresco. And that meant more catching up with our wonderful Shirley friends.

SATURDAY: We made it to page 3 of Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper, in colour, as you can see below. The newsprint might be hard to read and so I've printed it below.

The skits took most of the afternoon and they were really very entertaining, especially the offering from the Cairns Cassowaries.

Then it was time for afternoon tea and a quick change in time for the show -- Zingara. What a very high-class entertainment of world standard! Truly a memorable night. We were frocked-up for dinner and raffle prizes and dancing -- then home to bed.

TWO hundred Shirleys in the one room? Shirley not!

Yes, it's true the Shirley Club of Australasia has hit the Gold Coast for its annual convention.

With every delegate a Shirley, name badges might seem superfluous.

But with Shirleys hailing from far and wide, and everyone answering to the same moniker, surnames take on a special significance.

Although that won't be much use to a club member from Brisbane whose name is Shirley Shirley.

Inspired by famous name sakes such as child star Shirley Temple, singer Shirley Bassey, actor Shirley Maclaine and Olympic athlete Shirley Strickland, the Shirley Club was formed about 10 years ago as a social outlet for women named Shirley (former Skyhooks lead Graham "Shirley" Strachan, who died in 2001, was considered an honorary member).

"It started in Western Australia and there are now Shirley Clubs all over Australia and New Zealand," said Shirley P. of the Gold Coast Shirley Club, which is hosting this weekend's convention at Jupiters Casino.

Mrs P. said the convention program will reflect Shirleys' sense of fun.
"All Shirleys are the same we like a good time," she said.

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