Sydney 2005 Convention -- Our Memories

Convention Highlights -- 21st to 23rd October

Q8 here! Well, Shirley "Welcome" (our Welcome Shirley for the Brisbane Belles) and I were roommates at the Carlton Crest -- sweeping views of Darling Harbour and Paddy's market. We arrived on Friday morning and launched into some serious shopping -- as I had to buy a frock for Saturday night. The outfit I brought with me was a SHOCKER (more of that anon).

Love Sydney to death and had a MARVELLOUS time walking about along those crazy winding streets. So threw on my purple satin pants and a top, met up with all the girls, and thus began Convention #3, evening #1. It was lovely to catch up with friends again, and no-one looks a day older. Also, had to admire the great decorations -- well done, NSW Shirleys!! The buffet was excellent, and the entertainment and dancing great! Collapsed into bed at about 11.30pm.

Shirley "Welcome" and I walked briskly about Darling Harbour before breakfast. We all appeared in our new jacaranda shirts and white slacks ready for food and photos (in that order). I tried not to spill anything on my top -- as I usually do! Photos, photos, more photos. Lunch was scrumptious and then it was Convention business and skits. V1 announced her retirement as Leader of the Victorian Shirleys (after 6 years, mind you!) and her place is being taken by my special friend of Convention #1. The skits were great and well-rehearsed (except for the Brisbane one -- gulp!!) The NSW Shirleys did "I Still Call Australia Home", and obviously went to a great deal of trouble. So did the Gold Coast Shirls ("We're Happy Little Vegemites"). Must be a popular jingle as the ACT Shirleys went with that theme too! There were flowers and Spanish dancers ...... Very entertaining.

Now -- the SHOCKER! Should have garbaged my stupid outfit (picture below) -- but it came in handy when the Brisbane Belles (at the 11th hour) decided on performing a skit after all. I paid a considerable amount of money to stop said SHOCKER from appearing on the DVD .......

Saturday night -- we all frocked-up and I must say, we are a handsome group of girls, even if a bit long in the tooth. You can see from the photos below of Shirley "Welcome" and myself that no stone was left unturned to present ourselves in the best Shirley style. The food was to die for, and there were some really beaut prizes for the raffle -- DVD, TV etc. Not to mention Q8's prize -- the Best of Breed -- I won the Shirley tartan rug which was lovingly crocheted by a lovely Shirley (N1 introduced us). Can't tell you how chuffed I am with that prize! Thanks to all concerned.

By the way, some of us visited the Chinese Friendship Gardens on Saturday afternoon -- very special and something I won't forget. The English lassies in Chinese costume and the various bridal parties -- a truly memorable visit.

Sunday. My roommate and I swam in the pool (heated to 32 degrees Celcius). We are still trying to make out the photo of us taken by a "helpful" Yank -- thanks, Luv (not!) Then breakfast and wander down to Kings St Wharf to embark on MV John Cadman II. I don't need to write any more of that .... just indulge yourself on the photos! Truly sumptuous!

It was warming to sing "We'll Meet Again" on the deck, and then goodbyes. "See you all in 2007!!" Shirley "Welcome" and I embarked on the Jet Ski and that was a BLAST!! Then I trundled off to spend 2 hours in the Maritime Museum, and then off in the bus to the airport.

Look forward to reading and publishing more Shirley 2005 memories. Love from Q8/GC88. (PS - last photo is a REAL memory of Convention #2, just in case you needed a refresher.

In the photo above, I caught up with many of the WA Shirleys last October (seems like aeons ago now!) at Convention #3 in Sydney.

The group of WA Shirls (from the newsletter) is comprised of: S.388, S.148, S.4, S.399, S.136, S.39, S.178 and S.43. It was great to see you all again -- look out Gold Coast, 2007!!

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